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Life is Harsh

Lately I have been having family problems and need to vent. What better place then here?
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First Week of School Over!

It's finally over. The rush of relieve is running through me as I speak.
I can see why most people say junior year is SOOO hectic. Or is it just me? But I got so many things going on that I might grow gray hair soon. ^^;;

My classes are as following (in order):

TCC US History
PAP Algebra II
TCC Psychology
PAP Physics

I gotta say I'm really pushing over my comfort level here. I haven't taken many AP/PAP classes as much as I did this year. Especially those college level classes make me sweat because of their different teaching style. (Self Sufficient) Which I'm shaky but I hope I'll be able to adapt to this style.

I'm also in a health organization (HOSA) and NHS,HOSA has competition and I'm not sure if I should compete this year with all the studyin,and stress going on. I really hope to compete this year somehow.

Haven't been on the computer for luxury for the entire week until right this moment. I hope everyone else had a great first week of school! My cousin just called me and said that he had a blast at school. Joining the football team and all. He really is a talented guy.


Shiki and Rima Fanart

Summer Ends

This summer went pretty smooth. It had some great kicks to it. I was able to attend my cousin's wedding. Got to visit my "first" anime/manga store. It was small, but very neat since there aren't many around. I got 2 Gundam Seed figures. A Lunamaria and Lacus Clyne (yay for Lacus xDD). I also got some Digi Chart figures and some trinkets. Overall I had fun there. I'll upload some images when I get a chance!


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I'm not dead.. yay~

haha I'm horrible about keep these kind of things alive. geez.. now i know how my myspace got so dirty and dead.
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S.A. Fanlistings

Here are some S.A. Fanlistings that have been open by some very talented people. Join to support the S.A. LOVE!!

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To Do List

For some reason I feel more relax when I write up all the stuff I have to do. Keeping them in my head makes me stress.
So yeah this is just a simple To Do list that I'm going to write up for the site. boring stuff yada yada =DD

Site Updates & Icon Goodies

Buahaha the first massive updated by Nazzi.
Well first off before we start anything. Ayme has left on a trip to California for some family bonding yada yada. So for a week, I will be incharge of the site. ha ha. The first thing I accidently did to the site was delete the entire thing. whoopie daisy.. So for those who were trying to get on the site around 3-4 screaming your heads off  on "What the heck!!?!!! Elite is revamping again??!!". No we are not revamping again. I just screwed up the site thats all. Its back to normal now.
So to make up for the boo boos I made. Here are a few things that are new to the site. 

2 - Missle Happy
6 - Kachiou Wa Maid-sama
1 - Bride of the Water God
11 - Special A
Sneak peek preview


Random-licious 乱雑

This is Trinity Naz Lee 's Momento Randomness journal! Where all the blogging is done by yours truely.
Alilttle about moi? I go by my short nickname Naz, my best buddy is Ayme. We both run a fansite called Elite - S.A. Fansite.
I'm a pure-bred vietnamese a soda-holic~ 
Yea I can drink a T.O.N. of sodas if I wanted too.
I'm a first year in high school with some additions to high level credits. I love my family the most and am a loyal person to all of my friends.
Some funky information about  la fille
1. My name means alive ( i know what the heck.. my brothers name is "Little King" ) Major twitch there you know?!
2. I have only enemies or friends no in-between. -- Either they like me or they don't. 
3. I'm obsess with webdesigning ever since 5th grade.
4.Anime/Manga fan with some drama love. (yeah gotta love the drama)
5. I love being random and hate being stuck to one subject too long. so yeahh >> bored of this continuing on to another one.

lets see lets see. ohh yeah Summer is just beginning for me so perhaps this summer there will be more memories.
continuin later.
Just a major insight I'm not a major writer ( don't ask what the heck i'm here for cuz this is just for fun)